15 April 2017

Are you planning on investing your money on a long-term deposit in Italy and are you are confused about choosing the right bank with the best interest rates ……don’t be. There are many reputed banks in Italy that offer fixed deposit schemes for the investors with very attractive interest rates. But the little issue here is fishing these banks out of the many bad banks in the Italian banking industry.

Before one could think of depositing a large amount of money into an Italian bank, the person must have aims and targets they are looking out for and must work towards them.

First of all, you have to identify your Needs?

The first step in finding the best-fixed deposit rates is by first of all listing out your real needs.

Are you planning to go for long term investments?

Are you planning for the short term investments??

And, are you ready to take some risk?

The interest rate that you get when you purchase a Certificate of deposit generally depends on several factors such as the amount you invest, the length of time you invest for, and the issuing financial institution that you are dealing with.

For example, if you invest the minimum amount allowed for a short period of time, your interest rate will probably be lower. However, if you invest a large amount of money into a long-term CD (certificate of deposit), there is a good chance that you will be offered a higher interest rate.

If you are not sure of your plans, you might invest for the longer term but there are chances that you might withdraw the amount earlier.

These are some of the technicalities investors grapple with while investing their money and based on the above inputs, you should be able to spot the best fixed term deposit rates.

Secondly and most importantly find the right bank and the product:

Based on the above inputs, you should look for the banks in Italy that offer fixed deposit schemes for the investors. Some banks offer good interest rates for short term while some others may offer same for long-term investors.

As you would be clear on the objective of your investment, you can easily spot the best-fixed deposit plan and the interest rates. The interest rates offered by the banks vary periodically. You have to check the latest rates offered by the various banks from their websites. Many individuals put their faith in large banks in Italy not thinking that the bank has its own interests at heart.

Banks in Italy are going through bankruptcy at the moment and would welcome anyone willing to deposit a large amount of money for the long term with attractive interest rates.

Thus, having taken account of the above factors above, the following banks in Italy are better than most in granting long-term deposits with fantastic interest rates.

  1. 1. Unicredit bank group
  2. 2. Intesa Sanpaolo bank
  3. The almighty banca d’italia.

These banks are 3 of the biggest banks in Italy and granting long-term deposits with attractive interest rates are some of the reasons why they are ranked so highly.

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