Banca Popolare di Milano


Banca Popolare di Milano is an old Italian Bank formed as an cooperative company and has limited liability. Popolare di Milano as per namesake was established in Milan in 1865. The group behind Popolare di Milano, namely BPM Group is the eleventh largest in Italy by market cap.

The BPM Group is quite large, it employs well over 8,000 professionals, who then in turn serve over 1,400,000 customers a year. Of that customer volume 89% are private customers.

The banking group has over 770 branches, with a strong concentration in Lombardy (475 offices), Piedmont (104 offices) and Lazio (80 offices).

The bank’s main products and services are retail, investment and private banking. This also covers things like insurance and term deposits.

Head office location

Piazza F. Meda, 4
20121 Milan, Italy


Customers hotline: 02 7700 1


– Tax and Insurance Services: 02 77003500
– Fraud Prevention: 02 43450882
– Legal Affairs: 02 77002415

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ATMs and Branches of Banca Popolare di Milano: