Buying goods and services from an Italian Shop

buying things from an italian shop

If it is your first trip to Italy or your 50th visit, buying goods and services in an Italian shop with your credit card can be a bit hit and miss. This is mostly due to foreigners credit card compatibility with Italian bank networks. Fortunately, more recently many high end shops and restaurants (often near tourist locations) display the form of payments on their front windows prior to you entering the establishment. If you are intending to pay with your credit card or debit card with an Italian shop then it is worth checking for the accepted cards of payment signs at the front of the shop.

typical italian front shop displaying accepted cards for payment

There is nothing worse than sitting down for a 6 course meal in a very nice Italian restaurant late at night and your plastic credit card does not function. You may end up having to track down an ATM to be able to pay for your Italian meal. This will not impress your date nor the shopkeeper.

Before you leave for your Italian holiday it is advisable to take a few credit card types with you. Even if you have only one bank account, you can purchase pre-paid credit cards with marked VISA or Mastercard with already converted currency in Euros.

A simpler prevention method to being caught red-faced at the Italian shops is to make sure you have enough cash on you before you venture into them. You can find the nearest Italian banks near popular Italian tourists destinations here on our website.

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