How to get to the island of Ischia from Naples?

There is a saying in Italy that goes ‘vedi Napoli e poi muori’. When translated, this means ‘see Naples and die’. The actual meaning of this refers to being overwhelmed by what a beautiful and an incredible city Naples is. (Although some may argue that what it really means that Naples is such a dangerous and chaotic city that it will kill you!)

The island of Ischia, located in the Bay of Naples, offers everything you’d want from a Mediterranean holiday: Stunning views, Bright-blue water, Lush hillsides, Beaches and A castle.

And it’s actually easy to get to from Naples and I dare say cheap even compared to the kind of treat you’re in for.

First of all, the island of Ischia is situated at the Gulf of Naples in Southern Italy, around 30 kilometres (18 miles) from the nearest city, Naples. Just like the Mainland it has all the modern conveniences such as post office, banks, ATMs and other essential services you would expect.

The island is served by ferries and hydrofoils that connect it to ports in Naples and also Pozzuoli, another city which is just a little further north.

Naples is a major city and transport hub for the south of Italy and is well-served by a modern airport, various shipping ports and a healthy transport infrastructure including trains, buses, trams and taxis.

To reach Ischia from Naples Capodichino airport you must head towards one of the maritime ports of Beverello or Porta di Massa from where you will cross by sea to Ischia via hydrofoil or ferry.

But, before then, from the airport, you have two main options of getting to the maritime ports first. The first option is to take an “Alibus”, an airport bus service that runs between the airport, the main train station (Stazione Centrale) and the Ports. The Alibus runs every 20- 25 minutes and the journey time is around 20 minutes, meaning a maximum transfer time of 45 minutes and a minimum of 20 minutes. Tickets for the Alibus are €4 per person if purchased on the bus from the driver, or €3 per person if purchased from a designated vendor at the airport.

At the moment, Ischia is served by crossings from two ports in Naples, the Beverello and Porta di Massa ports. Beverello port is used for hydrofoil crossings while Porta di Massa is for ferries.

Hydrofoils are generally faster than ferries with a journey time of around 1 hour as opposed to an hour and 40 minutes on the ferry. There is a difference in price to reflect the faster journey times with hydrofoils priced at €18.60 per person each way while the ferries are around €13 per person each way.

Also, two ports are close to each other but not really what you would consider a reasonable walking distance. This being the case, there is a free shuttle bus service between the two ports which takes around 5 minutes with services every 15/20 minutes.

Once you’ve chosen which port to disembark from, you can easily complete the transfer to your dear island of Ischia by sea. There are lots of crossings between Ischia and Naples throughout the day and for more information, you can ask the workers for the timetables where you can choose your crossing and even purchase tickets online if required.

Alternatively, the smoothest way of transferring from Naples to Ischia is to take advantage of the private transfers. The service includes being met by a representative at the Capodichino airport where you’re being taken to the port where the ferry or hydrofoil tickets have already been bought for you. Then when you reach Ischia you are again met by another representative who will take you to your hotel, villa or apartment on the island of Ischia.

Prices per person are dependent on the size of your group.

In all cases, they require full payment up front for the transfers which can be paid on-line via credit card, bank transfer or PayPal, subject to a small transaction fee.

To book the service you have to send an e-mail to with the words “Taxi transfer from Naples” in the subject header, and the following information in the main body of the message.

Then, they will then get right back to you with prices and availability.

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