How to get to Venice from Milan

People travel to Italy and fall in love with the language, the people, the food and the perceived lifestyle. There is a strong degree of passion in the way Italians think and act. They have strong emotions and are very charismatic in the way they express themselves. Italian body language is very evident and their eyes are also very expressive. Italian people are essentially a fun-loving people who have a wonderful and diverse culture.

The city of Venice is totally unique with its street waterways and famous for its buildings on the river which also has distinct reminders of the Renaissance.

International flights to Venice however usually land at Marco Polo Airport, 8 miles from Venice.

A trip from Milan to Venice allows you to see two very different faces of northern Italy. Venice has been attracting visitors for centuries, its picturesque squares, canals, and gondolas are famous around the world. Milan, Italy’s cosmopolitan shopping capital sees fewer tourists than the celebrated Venice. However, the city is a major rail hub and is worth a stop on your European itinerary. The two cities are well-connected by train. However, since we are looking for cost effective means of getting to Venice, taking a bus is the cheapest of all options.

Taking the bus is the cheapest way to travel from Milan to Venice. Most buses travelling from Milan to Venice depart from Milano Lampugnano bus station and take at least 4 hours to arrive at Venice’s Tronchetto bus station. More than 10 buses travel from Milan to Venice every day with the first bus departing at 7:15 a.m. Bus companies that travel from Milan to Venice include Flixbus, Trenitalia, and BusCenter and they charge 9.09 euro, 19.89 euro and 11.00 euro respectively, with an average price of 13 euro. So one should have at least 13 Euros for bus fare.

The bustling Venice Piazza is simply the Times Square of Venice which is bustling with life. There are bank ATM’s nearby for the cash strapped tourist. If you are visiting Venice with kids and toddlers or you simply desire a bite of some sumptuous pizza, then the Piazza San Marco is simply an enviable stop which should be on your hit list offering you a mind boggling retreat of fantasising attractions which include cafes and lots of museums. The cafes, restaurants and other entertainment options which are found here are bound to keep you hooked to the place and you won’t realise how quickly the time passes while here.

When you finally reach Venice, you simply flag down a cab and ask it to take you to

Pizzeria San Marco

4.1 (18) • Pizza

Mestre, Venezia VE, Italy

Which usually opens by 11.00 am.

This should cost about 5 Euros when you get inside the bustling Venice piazza, you’re given a menu which explains the price of each size of a pizza.

SAN MARCO PIZZA comprises of Salami, bacon, olives, Red onion, Anchovies, Fresh mushrooms, Chilli flakes and shaved parmesan.

Small of 9 pieces: $16

Medium of 12 pieces: $21

Large of 15 pieces: $26.

So when you make a budget of 11 Euros for transport to Venice, 5 Euros to San Marco pizza and then maybe 9 Euros for a small sized pizza, it equals 25 Euros. Not bad right?

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