Italian ATM’s and Compatibility with Foreign Credit Cards


Italian banks are usually on every main road in Italian cities and or villages. Italians have a love hate relationship with bancomats as they are locally called. Along with every branch there is also usually an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) or cash-point machine out the front of the building for after-hours or tourist accessibility. With most ATM’s there are also pictograms associated with the accepted credit card names that the machine can recognize. The most common ones are Maestro, VISA and Mastercard. But you can also find ATM’s in Italy that also accept American Express and other named credit cards.

It would seem that is all you need to worry about but alas, there is one other thing that might impede on your success at an Italian ATM. That is the compatibility with the network that your own bank uses to the network that the Italian bank uses. Finding the Italian bank network compatibility with your own bank can be a bit hit and miss as not all ATM’s in Italy advertise this on or near their machines. Some do and that’s great but you as the tourist will need to know if it is compatible with your own bank’s network beforehand otherwise you will be trekking from bank to bank under the hot Italian sun trying to fight with Italian traffic and the old cobble stones of Italian streets just to get cash out rather than relaxing and enjoying your holiday.

Some examples of Interbank compatibility networks that cover visa, debit cards and pre-paid cards are called (Plus system network, Interlink, Cirrus, GiroCard, STAR, JCB, Union Pay, LINK networks) some can be found all around the world while others are restricted by region so making sure that your home bank operates one of these banking networks that is also available in Italy is vital to ensure you can use that ATM/Cashpoint in Italy and get funds for your stay there.


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