Italian Bank Networks

Italian bank network Banco Popolare Sicilano

What is a bank network (or also commonly referred to as an Interbank network)? A bank network is consortium of banks that provide individually issued ATM bank cards that can also be used at different bank ATM’s that are also a member of the same bank network.

Why is this important for Italian tourists to know? If a tourist wants to use their own bank ATM card in Italy they need to find the Italian bank ATM that is a member of the same bank network of their home bank back overseas.

How do you find out what the bank network is of an Italian bank ATM? The easiest way to find out the bank network of an Italian bank is to visit their ATM and look for a sign of the compatible bank networks either on the side of the ATM or more commonly on the electronic display screen of the Italian ATM. These logos should pop up on one of the scrolling pages on the ATM electronic display screen. However be aware that you may need to wait until the display screen scrolls through multiple advertisements before displaying the Italian ATM bank network compatibility logos, this can take up to a minute or two.

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