Credem Bank Branches and ATMs in Verona

The list of Credem Bank Branches and ATMs in Verona with location address, contact details (phone / fax / email address), facilities and opning hours (if applicable).

ATM Verona
Corso di Porta Nuova angolo Via Battisti
Verona (VR)
Tel. 045-8009695
Fax. 045-8001400

ATM Verona Branch 2
Corso Milano 90/a
Verona (VR)
Tel. 045-8103414
Fax. 045-566753

ATM Verona Branch 4
Via Villa Cozza 14/a
Verona (VR)
Tel. 045-533370
Fax. 045-8402507

Verona Branch 5
Via Quattro Spade 6
Verona (VR)
Tel. 045-8053130
Fax. 045-8053200

Verona Branch 6
Via Todeschini 36/a
Verona (VR)
Tel. 045-8352446
Fax. 045-8340436

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