Paying for Gas in an Italian Gas station

paying at an italian gas station

So you have hired a car and you plan on driving around Italy. Great! One thing to consider other than driving carefully and avoiding any car collisions in your newly rented vehicle in Italy is paying for the diesel or petrol/gas. When in doubt carry a few small bills with you (10 euro, 20 euro notes should be fine) otherwise if you are completely out of cash, then look for the accepted credit card signs either on the entry sign post as you enter the gas station or on the actual self service machine itself.

Unlike some of the western countries, Italy gas stations require you to pay before filling up. Either by enlisting one of the gas station clerks to fill up your tank while you sit in the car, or if the gas station does not offer this service or you arrive after hours (late at night) you will need to use the self service machine (photographed above).

A few tips when using the Italian self-service Gas station machine:

  • If you have no cash, check that one of your credit cards is listed on the machine as accepted. Otherwise you may need to ask for help to the nearest Italian ATM.
  • Don’t feed the machine too much money, if there is no one around at the gas station when you use it, no one can give you change on your ‘unused’ gas money. To give you a helpful guide at time of writing 20 Euro of diesel (1.26Euro/Litre) gives you nearly 16 litres of juice (typically nearly half a small hatchback’s fuel tank capacity (48L))
  • Some of these new self-service machines will also be multi-lingual and you can choose english on them, so don’t stress if you don’t know too much Italian.
  • If you are really apprehensive about using your plastic at one of these Italian gas station self service machines due to worries about credit card skimming etc.. Than head to the nearest Italian bank or Italian ATM that your bank card is accepted and works and withdraw enough cash first.

italian self service petrol station


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