What is the best time of year to visit Italy?

Choosing the best time of year to visit Italy is a delicious dilemma and a tantalizing exercise in weighing the pros and cons of seasons and regions. The best approach is to begin by making note of when to go and when not to go. When is it too hot, too cold, too crowded or just expensive?

There are many reasons to want to go visit the great land of Italy. It has been said that over half of the significant works of art in the entire world are present in Italy and that the place is covered in around 3,000 years of history. It’s not just a unique and cultured city, but a living and breathing archive of what the human race is.

Italy always has places, a lot of places to go and things to experience but when is the best time to go and see them? Typically I would advice one to go around April to June, or September to October. Temperatures during these times aren’t so extreme, as Italy can have intensely hot summers which are usually coupled with a muggy atmosphere that tends to make a person sweat. Not to mention that most of the crowds flock to Italy during the summer making it not only busy everywhere but the temperature nearly unbearable plus a lot of people there. Winter time can become quite cold, especially since it is usually a very dry climate during the winter, unlike the summer. Winter is bearable; however, they are also fairly heavy with tourism during the holiday seasons making it really perfect to go in-between the summer and the holiday seasons for anyone looking to have great weather, and not a dense population of tourists while you are visiting.

The weather in Italy is generally conducive for vacationers, most times of the year. The best time to visit however is between the months of April and June (spring). Temperatures are warm, but not too hot at this time of the year. The coldness between the months of October and December is quite unbearable. While planning to go on a vacation to Italy, look around extensively for the most exciting and fulfilling vacation package. Vacation packages are most expensive in summer as well as between July and August when most Italians go on vacation. Vacation packages will normally include a flight, accommodation, sightseeing and meals. The packages on offer are wide ranging and all you need to do is choose the one that best fits your budget.

While choosing the best time to go for a vacation in Italy, the two key factors involved are the weather and the time or season when it costs more or less to travel. If you are considering the weather, the best time would be in between winter and summer, when the temperatures are not too hot or too cold……THE SPRING (April to June), temperatures are usually fantastic in Italy for the purpose of travel. Whereas on the other side of the coin, the best time to travel to Italy and at the same time optimize costs is also during the spring, just after the holidays periods and just before the summer where everywhere would be rowdy and services expensive due to high demand from tourists. Italy is amazing at all times of the year, so why not go when the weather is perfect and the crowds are small??

So when next you’re looking for the best time to travel to Italy…..it’s SPRING.

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